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Zenc coin is backed up with Zencpay and ZencStore with decentralized Transactions

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What is Zenc coin

ZENC is a cryptocurrency that allows users to send transparent or anonymous transactions, depending on the requirements. It has developed a unique ZENCPay approach to overcome one of the most important concerns of multi blockchains scalling. In addition, it is the most decentralized Blockchain on the crypto market

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Investments and employment of the Blockchain Technologies. Optimize your business case with blockchain technology and Smart Contracts.

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ZENC charges you no hidden fees at all. We provide you fairness and anonymity. Our team consists of experts in the field of crypto currency. Moreover, we also include in our team many companies, which have a big name in technology market, best software developers, digital marketers, branding and communication experts



We aim to empower everyone with independently run financial system to make the world capable of creating blockchain based banking software that will allow the users to be their own independent bank. A simple yet strong banking for everyone to support the finances with an easy access from every corner of the world is our mission.



ZENC is a fair and safe project with complete decentralized policy. It allows you to do all the buying and selling with full confidence and trust as our encrypted escrow system keeps the whole procedure of trading transparent and protected. The users can be a part of ZENC with complete surety.


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ICO First Year

2021 - March 1st

Coin Starting

The development of coin is completed, and it's been ready to be published to customers, the distribution would begin from META MASK.

2021 - June 1st


All coin information to be completed with 2500 Uniq Holders and 5000 Transfers to the people who submited their address through our social media and marketing post.

2021 - August 1st


Listing on a centralized exchanges with pair of ZENC/USDT, the exchanges would be among folglory or tokpie, starting centralized trading will full liquidity provided.

2022 - Jan 1st


New launching of ZENC SWAP an decentralized exchange, for anyone to purchase any liquidated crypto, and launching of ZENC Encrypted Chatting Application.









Meet Our Team

Our experts in the field of crypto currency can always help you with any of your questions!

Sheikh Tahir


Yasir Shehzad

Media Meanager

Obaid Sheikh

Graphic Designer

Jawad Sheikh

Digital Marketer